Friday, June 11, 2010

don't look at meeee....

My results has gone drastically down- 3.76 to 3.39
WTF- a drop down by 0.37
i feel stinky and uncool.... apeelahaaa... i knew my results were gonna drop but not at this drastic rate!!
anyways... i blame the person who susun my class.... who:
  • susun 4days in a row of 8am classes
  • pack all classes from Tues to Thurs
  • Most of the classes are in PERDA


My brain does not work so early in the morning.....!!! and so my presence in class is just physically but my thoughts are elsewhere so is my heart n soul; basically i was not in class... Plus unfair la asyik dis class je morning.

Because my classes are pack in the middle of the week i get tired at the end of the week and so contributing to the tendency of sleeping and lack of time in finishing assignments thus awakening the rebel in me to not do the assignments.

I really wonder why my university takes lots of student and i mean A LOT when they can't even offer comfortable classes and teaching environment. Penat la woi nak rush2 kejar2 naek trun bas patu kejar kelas lagi!!! Dahla kelas kat PERDA berdengung- x dapat nak tangkap sepatah ape lecturer ckp- nak suh ulang kesian lec yg muke pun cam nak mati sesak nafas habuk disitu! What happenend to QUALITY teaching??

I know its hard to adjust right classes with lots of student intake, but then you should realise that thats the whole point of controling student intake take only what you can give!!!

NoteToSelf: Haha... i guess you're the one who asked for it, tulah sape asoh nak rebel sgt... >:P

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