Thursday, June 10, 2010

the time i've been missing

soo.. i've been not home since the night of 2oth May till noon of 7th June... lots n lots of things happened to me.... and THIS is the entree that shall explain it all.....

20thMay- 27thMay
It's the latihan kawad kaki.. it was nothing much physically however it was really really MENTAL TOTURE!! the thought of sacrificing holz-away from ayah, missing the premier of Prince of Persia (Sobbss... big ones!!), the on going tan of skin, not going out playing the Para-para game at the arcades and also not being able to see the Mr.MechyBarista... haishh.. haishhh....

Petang hari pertama dah kene wat sukan pelik2 haha...
Letupan-letupan- you go airborne... woohoo...
the lectures were helpful, we learnt lotsa... CPR, using the triangle cloth, emergency cases and so on.

However the coolest ever was on the night of 29thMay, we were heading to our rooms to sleep... the officer said we had to re-group due some problems... and so we did..
dah bkumpul, he said 'ada salah seorang dari kamu dah buat satu kesilapan yang BESAR... bla bla bla....' 'pompuan plak tu!' i was wondering who. Then MY name was called up.

I stood up... he asked me to pack my things and come, as cool as usual i just followed orders-emotionless really. I was thinking "psycho2 ilex sudaa" Haha...

then datang balek to the dewan. A chair was placed at d middle-upfront. and the officer asked me to sit there.
'patutkah saya sebut kesalahan awak nie?'
'kalau rasa wajar, maka cakap jelah'
'tapi ini melibatkan maruah kamu, saya tanak tanggung dosanya'
and i was making the- uh ok what ever you wanna say officer.
He asked me to stand up, announcing.... turn around..
Haha... damn it!!! I forgot it was my birthday!! lalala.....
and i was shoved with the first piece of cake up my face-into myeyes and my friend's hand smacked my nose while she was on it- thanx Izzati Zulkifli -,-

that was the only interesting part there....

Wuuhuuuu dapat tengok Prince of Persia.....!!! Gile membatak i kat dalam wayang... I was going wohhoo.. wow... OMG... WTF.... Aaaa!! So cooool!!! and scratch2 my friend.. haha... I was so happy the whole day... :D

I gotta say Jake Gyllenhaal has a hot hot HOT bod!! :P

1st & 3rdJune
Latihan Kawad kaki...

Competition... nothing much to say but a very cool experience- got to see(x sempat nk bkenalan) commanders
It was fun, cool, enjoyable.... however it would be cooler if they had activity which everyone had the chance to be involve and communicate with other campus-get to know each other.




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