Sunday, July 11, 2010

What our forefathers did and we did not...

For those who know me, i bet you guys already know how this entree is going to be like :)
Now i'm thinking really hard how to make this entree not to spark so much controversy.... here we go....

what our fore fathers did and we did not;
Our forefathers fought for the country's freedom, sacrificed only so much-which includes their currency and all the 'harta' they had just so that WE the younger generations could lead a much much better life without an outsider being the aristocrats above our heads, telling us what to do, steal whatever is ours-telling its for our own sake, making us going against each other, treating us like foreigners without any rights on our own land.... Heck, our forefathers worked hand in hand despite the difference of heritage, language, religion, oh just whatever that in the 1st place should never have been significant enough to allow the word 'discrimination' exist in the dictionaries. Above all, they respected each other enough to understand the intangibility of being a true Malaysian.... :)

What we do and our forefathers wouldn't be so proud of;
We forget what is the story the HIStory behind the word merdeka. We want to live oversea, kononnye better life and some even change nationality AND proud of it???! WTFish... We're so proud of the outside cultures even under-appreciate and i'm not exaggerating some even hate their own culture and heritage. Basically we forget who we are. We judge and treat each other so very very differently just by judging eacht other's background lemme repeat: by heritage, language, religion, etc. we judge and discriminate others so much that WE forget how it was/is to respect each other not only those of different background but even when we share the same bloodline at times. We forget people around us are waiting for the moment to strike when we fall and believe me and i think you might agree we are not that strong to allow ourselves to vulnerable to others bad intentions.
Lastly we forget that Malaysia is NOT OURS, BUT WE ARE MALAYSIAN'S instead, because only with it we are here, hating, criticizing and under appreciating Malaysia itself; forgeting the fact that- before we want others to give, we must also have the heart of giving.

Whatever we have now, these are not our rights, these are the results of hardwork, perspiration and sacrifice of our FOREFATHERS. So, what have WE done to earn whatever our forefathers have fought for?

ps: forgive me

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