Tuesday, August 31, 2010

offended by responsibility- emotionally!!!

I am offended!!

Yes I am!!

I was given d responsibility of designing an event's tee design, people who were involved agreed to one of my design just a little touch up here and there. So i did.

Then, today d person who's suppose to aid me in sending me to deal with d printers created her own design, most of d people at that moment prefered her's. probably because it basically had nothin that represents the event.... wait wasn't d tee is made for the event??? yes, WTF!

I said nothin much other than i didn't really like it, because perhaps my taste was more of a daring person's taste? IDK, but lain org lain citarasa kan? I said "okla" well when majority loves it, wut rights do i have to object?

But then the issue is actually i poured my heart out in designin the tee, and now he takes d other person's design, if you can't trust me to do my job, next time don't empower me with such responsibilities.. :) because i am pretty offended that not only she took the role of dealing about designs but also the role as a designer- just say, "may i take over your job" ok?? I'd be more than happy to give it to you... :)

Why didn't i tell that person that i was offended?

Because that is just me being emotional... :)


Just a piece of history :P

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