Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ramadhan and Mercun

Lately I'm gettin sick of the mercun tradition!! Boom bam-ing around d neighbourhood area, what are the parents doingla. Dah tau bunyi memekak tak gheti nak didik anak, tempat ini tempat umum, jagala adab sikit. Mak bapak ni macam x sayang anak, dah masuk berita dah melecur la, rumah mercun meletup. what are on the parents brain...??

Bende tu x mendatangkan manfaat langsung selain memekak. I dont mind if u were to play it and make noise at d last day of Ramadhan, but this is on every f*#kin day and night. WTF! people!! we have a life to lead here, the housing area does not belong to you only. If we wanted to listen loud booms we would've lived near the quary, maybe YOU mercun people should live at the quary.

I even have the thought of wishing very badly so that these kids actually burn their hand, and that night/day, it will be d day i'd watch him from d window and smile as i listen to his sweet voice screaming of pain.....!! Twisted? I guess so, but i really hate the noise, its gettin on my nerves!!

So to furture parents, never ever let ur child get a hold of these mercun not even once, its for their own sake, safety and also to avoid them to be cursed by hundreds of neighbours who enjoys some peace and quiet.

ps: Diam ar budak2 x guna yg kat taman permainan ngah memain n memekak ngan mercun tu!!!

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