Sunday, September 26, 2010

Etika pekerjaan

Today, i realised that human being can really be stupid.

Today (SATURDAY) after my ppkp (which was d reason i had to wake up early on a Sat)

Upon heading home, i asked the person who should be in charge; if there ia bus prepared to send us home like on weekdays, he nodded and answered yes.

So, feeling assured and content that i did not have to spend RM1 to go home, my friends and i head to the bus parking lot.

We arrived and welcomed in.

so we entered without any further a due.

Waited for it to move.

the bus entered the usual round about and suddenly comes into the not usually road. Every body was puzzled "oh a new route" or so we thought.

Slowly it becomes clearer, as the bus is actually following the route to Georgetown. As it comes to the junction of truth that defines whether we're heading for the island or still on the route of the mainland, the bus actually goes left "yes Queensbay!" we laughed....

According to the bus driver, he's suppose to send students to Balik Pulau (not mutiara)

So we're like... uh tade pelajar pra-sains la encik (pra sains go to pulau)

he kept quiet, we kept wondering of the what is becoming of us.

So at the island he U turned and brought us heading back to mainland.

At that point i was really sleepy, i slept.

Suddenly the bus stop at a bus-stop sumwhere i dunno where, and the driver asked everybody in the bus to go down and take the public transport back.

I was so sleepy that i didnt realise that this guys has no F*#kin brains;
HE, the f*#kin service provider, kicked us out and asked us 2 go 4 public transport because he had other work.


Fuck man, wut kind of a service provider does that???


Which bus service provider? hint: its name relates to the Internal Security Act.... Haha.....!!!!

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