Thursday, October 14, 2010

i feel like wasting my time on the net now

what shall i blog about?? I have no issues today, so if anyone is looking forward for a productive reading you should click the next blog.... :P

To start,
i was totally cuwak for my Law test as i had to compensate my test 2 which was an open book testinto my test 3 by answering 2 questions instead of 1.

One of it i did great, the other- totally wrong!! As in non related, i answered under different area of law. Its like;
your mum asked you to buy a box of cookie but you bought a cake- its related by baking but not what she asked for... thats how my answer to the test...

ahaaaaa... to make it worst..... Law is the hardest paper for this semester.... it is known to drag down dean listers... 
I know, it's not an excuse... well i'll try to make do.... I'm, aiming my final very-very-VERY high! :D Oh pray for me people!!

Now... i can focus.. no more test hoorah...!
so her are a few errands I'm thinking of settling..;
  1. Getting back my thumbdrive from faiz
  2. Getting back my baldi and stuff from faiz again
  3. Claim currency from faiz agaaain
  4. Patch time up with .. yes faiz agaaaaiiinnnn..
  5. Clean up my stuff.. titanic cant compete!!

ToThoseWhoMayConcern: Woii... jom g marathon wayang!!!

Do I care??

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