Wednesday, October 27, 2010

kenapa takut?

kelmarin (isnin malam) kul 11++ malam, saya telah naek ketapi untuk balek, disebabkan tiket duduk abes, maka sy amekla katil 1st klass RM89~i know, bala mahal! But its worth every penny- room to myself!!! puas ati siooot!! memang balek Penang nak 1st klas katil gak arr... haha...

semalam (selasa pagi) saya tiba di stesen ketapi kl sentral... den Meg taleh amek, so naek KTM ke Shah Alam.. waah never knew morning crowd was soooo packed- macam sardin dah coach tu....i went in the 'ladies only' section, naseb~ lau tak duk blanggar2 trkempet2.... bahaya whoah.... while in it, suddenly there is this gal in a middle which had nothing to hold on too so, bile ktm tu wat emergency break(i think its almost all d time) she would loose her balance n like akan ke berlanggar/ttolak org belakang, n the org belakang wud make faces to her friend..... annoying kot!!! bukannye nk tolong, tapi lagi tertawakan n buat muke- camla byk sgt org suke die.

So like for a few stations went on, i wanted to tell her that if she wants or needs to, she can hold on to me, but i took time... thinking and arranging words that i wanted to say to her.... and i was cared.. YES i was scared.. i just did.. why?? i dont knooow...i mean clearly it was a good thing- but then why would i be scared? soo weird... wanting to help pple pun nk cuak, den finally i spit it out~poking her, 'if u need to, you can hold on to me) and she smiled- fuh relieved!! But too late, she's is oredy at her stop.. oh sedeyh x dpt berkhidmat

question now~ why are we Malaysian like this?? being afraid of speaking out, even for the right cause?? It's just sad, this shudn't be our culture??? what's wrong with being helpfull?? does it kills u to be kind??

We gotta changes this, kate nak 1 Malaysia, kene la keje sama etika n segala yg indah2 belaka tu... huhu....

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  1. ahha,, sounded very 1 malaysia..

    first time u wrote like this ouh.. stail la khai.