Sunday, October 17, 2010

when it turns

I knew it's gonna turn back.... I've prayed n still do so,that it wouldn't happen.

I knew it was all too good, things we're too beautiful, were too easy getting in place, too wonderful, too good to be true.

I did the right move... at the wrong time...

ego down
heart out
a person in
guards down
better judgment down
myself go

serves me right? perhaps...

hoping now,
the cold wind would freeze up the tale
the time seals the pain
the wave would wash off the traces
that  this time, god makes his plan for the greater-good fast

i hope one day you'll see, that the world does not concerns ONLY you but also everyone else, 
for that you have to see things how it should be, not how you want it to be 


Its pretty hard to smile lately, only so fake-ly...

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