Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Mubarak 2010

Today is 10 Zulhijah 1431, Eid Mubarak everyone...

a friend sent:
"saat berderai jatuh titisan air mata suci nabi Ibrahim, mlihatkan keteguhan iman anaknya Ismail.. Dikala itulah bermulanya sejarah agung erti sebuah pengorbanan"

 and so i couldn't agree more. The event of Ibrahim a.s. and his son Ismail a.s. has so much significance which we rarely care about- sacrifice. try reading the  the full story here.

Not just any sacrifice but sacrificing for the greater good, giving in what you have to give it back to those around you; 1/3: family, 1/3: relatives, friends and neighbors,1/3 are to the poor and needy

However the sacrifice or korban is not just with the significance of sacrificing of the cow, goat, camel, sheep etc. but the heart of acting in it... If one just does it for the sake of ritual or showing off his money.people tend to do this its like a silent competition of who slaughters the most.then the whole thing is a waste, just another slaughtering, but if one is able to find the heart how significant of this act then only it is as meaningful to be- a step closer to Islam.

And sacrifices should not only be measured by the slaughtering of the animal but also the self sacrifice;
  • What have you done for Islam? Have you given back for what you have received~parents, friends, teachers?
  • Have you been always complaining about how things are just so hard-without thinking the significance of the event?
  • Have you given in so that others get to get out?

Also to realize about the sacrifices have been made in life, and it should always be for the greater good and sometimes people do it for you;
  • Parents do almost everything so that their children grow up to be a person.
  • Friends canceling their plans to be by your side.
  • He/she letting her/himself get hurt her so that you would be happy.
And so much more, but its up to you to open your eyes and and heart get to see all these beautiful things...

So what does sacrifice means to you??

NoteToHim: I smile so that you think I am alright when I am not.

pssst.. i just found out i was born on; 4 Zulkaedah 1410

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