Sunday, November 28, 2010

i'm not so clear on your desire

Ahaaa... an occurrence, event, kejadian, call it whatever, something happened today.... It had me confused with my emotions, leaving me thinking~ sometimes what i want, are the things i don't know. Like wanting my tummy to be filled when it's hungry but have no idea what to fill it with #or not#.

Anywaaays, what happened was that met the ex-beau, who was and still my BFF... watched Rapeunzel#sangat best ok?#

So sparks were there, chemicals were flowing, lets just say it was a great-great-great time... :)
Attracted balek boleh x?

Hmm... I've decided the relationship should stay bff and that no beaus anymore. 
I think I'm not over him.... woohhps??

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