Monday, November 15, 2010


Damn! what a great relief!!

Final dah pun lepas terima kasih ya Allah, Alhamdulillah... nobody knows how excruciating these past few weeks have been for me- mentally and emotionally... dahla minggu final exam, tambah lak ia adalah minggu exam final untuk final academic semester memang xtra pressure laaa.... cos if i were to repeat anything, its gonna drag my semester or i'll have to take supplement paper during my practical.gile tak cool-orang keje aku studi. then to add a bit of spiciness into the story, all d papers in this semester are hard as in really really hard- killer paper babe, and the serial killer is LAW paper.which i think i did very2 badly up to a level if i pass it would be accepted as flying colours in my dictionary., which was the last paper, making the exit of the exam much more meaningful!!

 k, enuff with the babble of the bad days. now its "of futsal and babecue"'s turn.... *excited*

after the finals,exactly after the last paper, we went for futsal and BBQ... This time i'm not writing it, gonna picture story it to you~ in the next entry.. ;)

wont be long.. or so i hope..  :P 

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