Sunday, November 28, 2010

UNICEF~ against child abuse, are you??

A child is:

  • cute
  • innocent
  • vulnerable
  • loveable
  • bright as the sunshine
  • the reason why an unhappy couple still smile
  • the ray of hope that things will get better

and yet they are being used by some group of people called syndicates and sometimes, even sadder by their own parents to make profit out of them.... A child is a gift of god....  a responsibility in return of getting a better good... and yet these people use these kids to mooch money for them, not for the child himself but for the benefits of these oh so matured adults...

I always see in the evening, kids, young ones selling stuff with reasons it is to to be donated to some NGO that is said to help these children.... what kind of a charity NGO send kids out there to obtain currency?

There was this one time,i saw a young girl- around the age of 3-5 asking for money at a shopping centre, the suddenly a woman#i assume the child taker# pulled her from the group of children#who were also mooching# , the women checked her money. After counting the notes, the women suddenly became furious~ shouting at the young girl and even hit her....

Asking a child to mooch the money you are not able to obtain is one thing, to ask them to reach a certain goal/ amount of  cash to mooch of is just SICK!! Do you think these kids are employees?? sales person?That is not charitable at all people.... They don't owe you of their welfare, but you owe them of your responsibility...

These kids should be at home or at their hostels, studying.... for their future... not wandering around asking for the money that they will never get....

So people, lets stop child abuse.... These kids deserve better, they are the future....

Raise your hand and  say I to stop child abuse...

My Hand

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