Monday, December 20, 2010

3rd week

and so... whilst doing my practical i've learnt a lot of things also embraced more things then ever before...

so generally what i've gained/learnt:
  • really rich people are much more polite than those who THINK n feel that They're rich
  • not being racist BUT-chinese dudes tend to be much more gentleman and cute and considerate n did i mention~ CUTE??
  • when you try your best to be polite the politeness shall come back to you if not with the same person fom sumbody else
  • The few customers who smiles are the reason why I keep working enthusiastically
  •  sometimes shutting up is the best way to settle things and end it with a 'I'm very sorry maam, miss, sir" followed by an apologetic smile
  • when you dont have enough rest, you tend to be grumpy at work
  • being crazy makes your day any time...!
  • its never helpful to put your emotions first at work.... >:P
lalalala.. penaaaaaat asyik orvertime jeee..... >,<
cam keje kbajikan laks...

BTW aku keje kat Kenny rogers Genting 1st world, meh melawat akuuu.. :D

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