Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hahahohohihi..... never thought my lifewould be so dramatic.... what do i mean? This what i mean;

a so called friend did me wrong
went MIA for 2 months
which in his MIA has caused me lots of touble
then after that wonderfull 2 months
i felt that things have gotten out of hands
i did my best attempt in contacting him
we have 4 friends in common
and i contacted them
they were all were very concern
though there was sumthing fishy, 2 of their stories contradict
after knowing i'd meet his father he contacted me-FINALLY
but after being treathened?? that's not a good friend ...
AND he announced, within the period he ran away from me- he fell in love

so we discussed
more like gado2- not feud... (pun intended)
that's when one of the 4 concern fren kantoi
wah wah wah
i was lied to? u lied to me? you LIE? ???
you liar!
Fuck man i hate liars!!!

from one person to forgive i have to, it's easy if its forgive and forget, but this was not it, this is forgive and live with it... I DON'T DO THAT!!!

now on,know what?? It's your problem, i stopped caring ex-bestie 2 months ago....

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