Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm impressed ;)

I read a book; the name is mY Generation; A real journey of change and hope by Josh Riebock. Inspirational!
and urmm spiritual.... so i'm a muslim and its a Christian spiritual... BUT nonetheless still very uplifting.... I mean there is nothing wrong in learning from others, especially the EXPERIENCE of others.

This book tells stories of how the broken, hurt, ignored, hated and lost... reborn, realise and embrace life by just having someone by their side saying ' I'm here, for you' or just be there to listen and accept....

It opened my eyes on people, on me.... most importantly on life....

A bit of a controversial tought here... What is weird its a pastoral aid book.... well not really weird... its just that it hit me.... from stories heard, honestly.... I always hear of how muslims keeps shedding away, and how christians would be there for the damaged,those who are really really in need of support, help and love.

Really really really people... read this book, BUT BUT BUUUUUUT hold on firmly to your faith cos it'd know the truth......

ps: i LOVE this book. :)

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