Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm growing up... yup yup yup... as Shefah's mum said "Da cantik dah" and i replied (cunningly) "Eh saya mmg slama ni cantekk." and she replied(seriously) "Tak, dulu seelekeh". "....."

wawawa.... so perhaps i've grown up, know not to wear clothes n pants 2 size bigger... a li'l colours on the face... caring how i look and present myself.... haha got aloooong way since who i was b4 having U life, honestly I'm glad i 'grow up' dis way- at least now people can see that i am a girl,i'm not gender confused just wheni socialised i have a vibe that they see me as adude rather than a dudette- I'm going somewhere. I may not be all  'Ladies' just yet but i'm slowly changing, STILL, there is a VERY slim chance of me being full 'Ladiessss..' just yet... cos i just love the rough and tough things in life....

what ever it is, i'm thankfull for this change even at times it leaves me confused and guessing who i realy am inside....

and I neeeed a love life?? any eligible bachelor outthere??? Lets dateee..... C'mon, i won't bite, unless if you want me too(still won't bite)

Haa.. anyways, i got another 35 days till i end my practical- cant wwaaaaaaiittttt!!!!

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