Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Apparently nobody can stick with me( or maybe I can't stick to nobody) am i thaat complicated?? Haha... perhaps...  Haven't found the guys with the right balls yet... It's getting boring when i meet a guy with all this expectation. But at the end of the day~ nothing. I know nobody's perfect, but I really haven't met that guy;
-who'd stand up for the right reason: who'd say stop when a brute bullies an old man,
-who'd ask if i had my dinner then buy me one when I haven't,
-dares to talk to my father and can actually hold a conversation with him,
-who doesn't sound stupid when we debate then agrees to disagree to the whole scenario,
-who'd say i loaf you for random reason,
-who sees who he is in the future,
-who says "stop dear, this is getting out of hand"..... 

I have yet find this guy... this noble person full of flaws....I really am waiting for you. I've given up on guys now, I've given up giving apart of my heart to some guy who says he loves me but is partially committed. I just wanna stay and and wait till the right fish finds the bait and that'll win me the reward of a lifetime and afterlife.

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