Thursday, April 28, 2011

death? are you ready?

last sunday, specifically 24th of April 2011, my dad,the driver and I was on our way to Penang to send me there to submit my report and do presentation of my internship.

We decided used the Guthrie Highway.

on the way there, passed by a convention or event of some sort- super bikes were parked in line, so probably a super bike convention.

When we entered the Guthrie Highway, passed the 'Bukit Jelutong' tol, a superbike zoomed past us, we were going at a speed of 120km/h and judging by the split second he was gone from our visual, my dad said he was going around 180-200km/h.

Few minutes later, we saw tyre tracks that was 'waving' signed out of control motion breaking. Then we saw a leg at the road divider, and a man on the other side of the road(the one going the opposite way), trying to support himself with his hand.

We stopped the car, we were the 2nd i think. and called the ambulance, we were the second caller, the 1st one did not give specific location thus the emergency squad couldn't do anything.

The guy's super bike was around 200m away from him.

He lost his right leg in full and lover half(below the knee) left leg.

my driver said he didn't say anything, even when he saw my driver. he just moaned in pain. and shook his head. like a sign knowing of what is coming.

we waited 20minutes and the ambulance did not arrive yet, we had to set off.

i opened this man's blog here! only to discover the man died at the scene.

well it was fate i guess, if he were to continue living, im sure he chose to end it, but when it ended was he prepared for the afterlife??? I stayed in the car the whole situation, and keep mumbling istighfar... i wanted to cry for him... i don't know why..... he was just from a convention, im sure he had one hell of a good time, within a spilt second everything didn't matter anymore. I kept praying(still do) that Allah relieves if not all some of his pain, because whatever he did, he is still my brother in Islam.

This accident, kept me thinkingI wonder, what if it was me, what if within the next split second i was fated to die, am I prepared???

I still remember the noise when he zoomed past us, and i went whoah! and my dad said it was dangerous, even if it can speed, a 2-wheeler is never a good choice of playing with speed or cheating death.

Till today it breaks my heart.


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