Tuesday, April 12, 2011

imperfect,tainted we are

Aku mencintai orang-orang yang soleh sekalipun aku bukan sebahagian daripada mereka, aku berharap mandapatkan syafaat daripada mereka. Aku benci orang yang gemar melakukan maksiat, sekalipun aku pernah melakukannya
 the words of Imam Syafie

I love and admire how this small but meaningful group of perfect words is able to 'deliver' with great simplicity. Humans are imperfect and do mistakes, if you think either wise...-stop lying to yourself. Because of that, there is such thing called TAUBAT in ISLAM....

If ALLAH S.W.T. knows and accepts the fact of human tainted nature, then, who are we to judge people and say they are not worthy???

Thus brings us to one of my everyday random thoughts; Pious Posers :O

I have nothing against pious people; no matter of what religion- but imma gonna talk bout Islam since imma muslim, I actually respect them since they are those small numbuh of people who are able to embrace and given the gift of seeing the beauty of Allah s.w.t. magnificent creations. However, sometimes they are so absorbed or obsessed on perfection that they kinda forget that perfection only belongs to Allah.Confused? Here is what i mean; ok so they are great people who commit very little sins- no swearing, never lie, steps on an ant and the ant wouldn't know what happened and no porn. So they succeed in fighting the 7sins or so they thought. This is when things starts to turn the wrong way like my attempt to drift a car in racing games, they start applying these greatness onto EVERYBODY forgetting that not one person is the same in this world, they think everyone was given the same opportunity to see the world the way he/she did. So they start judging when a person confess to sins, like when;

  • A girl is pregnant but not married- you should've thought twice, now pay the sum
  • A dude loses everything prior being an alcoholic(something ain't right with this sentence)- serves him right for not listening to the 'liquors are haram' notice
  • A murderer- hit him!! he ain't human!No mercy!
  • A woman does prostitution and gets HIV- filthy woman.
  • A dude is confuse of his sexuality- curse you!!- You're not welcomed shuhh!
  • People say; i have a feeling that god doesn't exist- How dare you!! You ungrateful person, no wonder you're so useless
  • A newly converted muslim- he just converts to get a job around here (real story)  happens
So yeah that's some of it  might a tad bit too dramatic, but don't tell me those stuff never happens. cause  I've experience them myself. Don't tell me that you've never receive a judging slur or look from people. See? See how imperfect these 'perfect people' are.... they know whats wrong but yet they never take the initiative on whats the right thing to do.... It's like being  an engineer knowing how a machine works, but when the machine breaks-down he just swears  at it for how useless it is. When instead he should've give it a look, see whats the problem and deal with it.

Please don't misunderstand me by saying I'm supporting sinners or saying that its ok to run around doing sins. What I am saying, is if we are sinners why can't these 'saints' say 'let us show and help you find your way' instead of throwing hatred to us and make us hate them more...???

It's high time pious people open their self to accept and help those who are badly hurt inside and out, spiritually and mentally....

Not all pious people are the same, I've met some handfull who are great people who have changed people's life by just being there and showing the right way.... May Allah bless them and help them in changing beautiful lives.

'bukan ingin berkhutbah ingin perbetulkan diri juga' Too Phat, Alhamdulillah

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