Friday, May 20, 2011

It's getting sunnier and traffic is worse; selfish politician sucks..

It's been a darn long time since i last post anything that is worth to be read. Busy i must say, tired too. However today, I'm determined let's see how far this is going to get.

There is a phrase that sounds something like this; the sun will still shine tomorrow. telling that there is always another and it will be better because of the sun presence that represents joy. Ironically, with the current weather in Malaysia and elsewhere, the weather is getting hotter and people really just wished it would stay cloudy or a biiit gloomy. The heat is really getting under our skin- not always but it does happen and its painful might i add.

I can't help but to believe that aside of the cutting down the trees illegally and politically cabled legal is responsible, the quantity of cars on the roads also plays a vital role in this global warming issue. Many cars on road, hot engines, hot surrounding, more heat.. what do you expect? not to mention more money is spent in subsidizing these mobile users. C'mon take the money and upgrade the friggin public transport- less traffic, less car on road that is supplying heat. Upgrade means that making the public transport as the choice of transportation and not making people feel like they are WASTING TIME when they ride the public transport.

Yet our politicians- be it the government, the oppositions would rather debate on who has the best empty promises to get the most votes. When will stupid, sick, selfish mono type people like are going to instinct??? or please evolve into better politicians or re-evolve become those politicians who fought for the country's best interest than the nation's.

Instead of spending money on stupid publicity for each politician's campaign. The money should be kept at the national bank and spend on providing better futures for the nation. Stop picking on the sensitive issues- religion, race and nationality or whatever that pisses groups of people off so easily. You say you are the voice of the people but you are only the voice of the people of your own interest- even promising and doing what is bad for them, that is NOT what a leader does. A leader decides what is best for his people- make the nation's life better not their own life better with millions of ringgit house at some elite housing area.

We don't want a diplomatic war, we want a better life- even if sometimes we say you suck for deciding what's best for us, like the love and hate relationship of any child to his/her parents.

Its sad... It's sick....

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