Sunday, May 29, 2011

My 21st birthdaaaaayyy.... :D

 On  the night of
29th May 1990
I was born

And so
29th May 2011
Im 21
This is the story ;)


Danial's gift 1

Danial's gift 2

Ayim's cute gift 1

Ayim's cute gift 2

Mama Ayah's ulala gift 1
This is the last phone my parents are going to supply me with :'(

Mama ayah's ulala guft 2- current fav. game

Cards from my beloveds.... :D

Special card 1

Special card 2
PS: Damn... T^T


  1. hey! siapa orang first. me kan? hehe. sorry no present!

  2. nak jugak state tu yang die yang firt....
    No hadiah? y...? T^T