Tuesday, May 3, 2011


what if tonite is her last...?

Shaun and Andrea have been the best of friends since secondary school. Now both are graduating from their colleges and planning the future ahead- together.

Shaun has this successfull family business going on and it's only growing bigger. Andrea wants to teach, make dreams reality.

At a local coffee shop, where you'd see your neigbour have his morning coffee and office people taking the '3 seringgit' kuih nyonya on the go, two men we're having their lunch break.
   "Shaun, why don't you just marry her man?" Ahmad asked Shaun.
   "Mad,you crazy man? She's not ready, I'm not ready" he stressed.
   "Not ready? Are YOU crazy man? you got the money, you'd catch a grenade,put your hand on the blade for her- the whole Bruno Mars catch grenade song!" Shaun smiled at Ahmad's speech, Ahmad was not big on metaphores but when he tries its more of a joke.
   "Correction, those are my parent's money, yeah the company are printing money, but what have I actually done that shows 'this is my hardwork'??" Shaun said desperately trying to make Ahmad see why he is not prepared to be the husband, the one wearing pants in a household.
   "Oh.." Ahmad blew silently and sipped his already half mug of 'teh ais'

At the teacher's lounge room..

   "So, when are you telling Shaun Andy?" A women in a nicely fitted brown blouse and wide legged dark khakis asked Andy and stare right into Andrea's eyes, It was Mary, an english teacher, a co worker of Andrea .
   " Tell what?" Andrea, asked back, a bit defensive.
   "About what's going on inside there" As Mary pointed Andrea's chest with her eyes.
   "When the time is right it, he'll know" Andrea said cheerfully but with a mysterious smile.
   "Andy, you better tell before its too late" Mary sighed as she sat back to her chair and start focusing back on the piles of homework she has to check.
   "Don't worry"

5 years after graduating, having their own career. Shaun starts to feel a bit distant from Andrea but not less love, just less her.... he wondered a lot, but did not it stop him from collecting the bonuses to buy that enggagement ring, that he'll propose on their annivesary n next week. In front of that room of strangers, rejection was not an option, he knew ever since they said "I'll wait for you" he knew there would be no one else for him or her but each other.

And it came. That noon, they reconfirmed the plans. He'll pick her up around 8pm.... with his 7 month of wife- the Sonata.

Andrea said she'd take a noon nap, she felt teribbly tired. Lately she has always been tired, and that worried Shaun a lot. She confirmed him it was just the effect of the extra curricular work she's been involved with.

It's 7.30pm and Shaun was looking sharp and confident in his Sonata, the smelt good- just sent for a whole make over earlier that day, even he smelt good and he smelt good. Shaun decided to give Andrea a call to tell he'd be right over. Not answered. Again. No answer. Shaun had a bad hunch, suddenly his smile starts to fade. worry starts ro consume him. She can't be in the shower he tought, she texted him she's all dressed up, just a few touch ups.

He called again- again the operator told him that Andrea is not available to answer the phone.

Sweat began to come out of his pores. This is not good. He drived faster. At that moment everything starts to run through his head like a movie, a bad one- how he didn't notice Andrea is always tired, how she starts forgeting things, how she always asked him what if she went 1st.... what if she LEFT him first??


Suddenly his phoned rang. He picked it up as fast lightning.

   "Hello?" He asked.
   "Dear, sorry I was waiting for you outside, then i realised i left my phone in the bedroom."
   "Thank god! You scared my Andy! You are so dead when i get my hands on you"
   "Really? What can you do? Ask me to marry you and build a disaster household of the year??"
   "Hey!" Shaun remarked offensively and worried if she knew the plan.
   "Hahaha.... just drive, I'll be waiting" she laughed it off cooly.

Shaun now relieved drove on and imagined how perfect his proposal would be....

Breep breep....

Andrea's  phone screamed- Shaun.
   "Hello, hey mister where are you, neighbours are starting to think I'm the new gargoyle!" She complained bout how long she's been standing.
   "Uuuuh... miss?" A stranger's voice answered the phone.
   "Uhh.. yes" Andrea stunned. As she just noticed it's already 5minutes to nine, and realised Shaun can never be this late something isn't right. Her heart pounds, butterlies are fluttering wildly in the tummy.
    "The owner of this phone asked me to dial you, a second" The voice said shakingly.

Then Shaun's voice came in...
   "Andrea, I love you..." his voice is different, the confident businessman wasn't there. It's like Shaun losing, losing himself- and it hit Andrea's head like a hard baseball, this is Shaun losing and he never does.Tears, unwillingly starts streaming down her cheeks.
   "I love you too, Shaun" even her voice has started to shake.
   "Will you marry me, be my wife for these few breathe left in me....." He's getting weaker, he's losing.....
   "Yes Shaun! Yes I will..." She screamed and cried and waterfalls starts to come out of her eyes....
   "I know you'd never let me down ....." Shaun's soft slow breath could be heard and-silence. Dead silence.

Few seconds went on, seconds that seemed an eternity for Andrea...

   The strangers voice came in again;
   "Uuuhh..." He paused. As Andrea's sobs could be heard. He knew he had to make it as soft as possible but the reality is harsh and nothing could be changed and he knew he had to do it...
   "Ma'am, I'm sorry. His pulse has stopped, he had just blew his last breath"

Apparently, while on his way to Andrea's. His speeding didn't kill him. But his stop at one of the junctions nearby had caused himmt to be hit by a lorry drove by a drunk driver who left off and found by a passing doctor who was on his way back home.

Because if God says it's time... it's time.... don't regret....

This is a copy from another blog of mine, so its not really a new entree... yes still lazy :D

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