Sunday, July 10, 2011

3pm Political Interest Rally

BERSIH: opposition
PATRIOT: pro to the government

whatever you are, there is no really right or wrong, because honestly both groups have their own good points in standing up what they believe in.

BERSIH's demands
PATRIOT on the other hand are just against BERSIH with the stand :-

So like i said, they have some reasonable grounds to not stay quite. So its nobody's fault really. Just everybody's mistakes. YES, everybodys'...

Why do i say so? let's start with the government: If only government were not so insecure about POLITICAL position, they would've been more efficient on focusing on the country's development. Excuse me government if you hadn't notice, if you do the right things for your people/ country they will know and see it. If you've been keeping your hands dirty for the RIGHT reasons, they'll love you back and no need to hide them, because those are the hands the countrymen appreciates. HOWEVER, if you've been getting your hand dirty for the wrong things- personal income, election campaigns, story cover ups and so, then that's when you have a skeleton in your closet, just waiting for the right time. And if you've been executing action that only contributes on political interests and of your own, the countrymen will see the truth no matter how good you are at hiding the goodies. Look at Dr.Mahathir, he throws people to ISA, he accepts being criticize and hated BUT all for the sake of his countrymen, the results? : yes a few haters(you cant please everybody), a few name calling and disrespects BUT a hell lot of country DEVELOPMENTS which each of his countrymen are thankful for- even those who had been against him. So government, stop scratching your butts and of others and start making a scratcher for everybody.

Opposition, dear oh dear. You guys have some really great points, but can't you guys find a better way? I hate you guys for a lot of reasons: firstly, you are making the people go against the government instead of urging the government for improvements- you pot hatred plants and spread the spores. You seem to talk a lot but act non if not differently. You hide behind false and SENSITIVE ISSUES that triggers emotions in people- RELIGION & RACE. You say you are fighting for the people but you've only  created nuisance and trouble for the people. You've shown immaturity in the lack of ways proving yourself worthy of creating a better nation- illegal rally and emotional talks and confrontation.

PATRIOT on the other hand, I can't say much  since they're just a 'counter-attack to bersih', just thank you for standing up to the provocation i guess. If only there was a better way in dealing with it- one that doesn't involve police but involves a GREAT middleman and peace.

Whatever it is, lemme tell you Malays, you better watch out, if you're not careful, you'll lose everything if not much. If you haven't notice we are slowly turning against EACH OTHER instead of working together.
Keep in mind opposition malays: Mahathir once said in an interview:
"It's not a question of majority or minority, it's the question of disparities between the races. Everybody admits that in this country the Chinese dominate the economy, they are the richest people in this country. you can go around and see them living very well in this country they are free, they are able to send their children to study elsewhere- because they have the money. But the majority is the poor part of the population and we need to bring them up so that there is parity in terms of economic well being." Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, Riz Khan interview." 

NoteToYou:BEST interview ever

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