Sunday, July 24, 2011

Educators and race abusers

It is sad that THIS is how educators are... Some may say, don't judge a group of people by looking at one individual. Yes! We shouldn't but i think this issue isn't a one time thing, I'm quite sure its' going on a lot of places.  

However, I have to strongly disagree how the grown up dude has to emphasize on racial issue. He should be focusing on the issue- anyone can be racist, we cant stop them, however no one should include it into their professional life. So the dude should have pushed the argument as a topic under the EDUCATOR's category, and never the  RACIAL issue, not in public at least, should bring it up internally.

Why do i say this? Because, if the word spreads out race becomes and issue, an excuse for how things work, believe me- things will get worse.

Like the dude said, these cases are arising quite often lately. LATELY. Does anyone realize that lately... racial issues is starting to come up among us again- so who started it first, had not the WISE grownups bring up and questioning .. questioning each other, bias to our own. Well this has to stop. If it does go on, unsettled, unresolved, zero tolerance-our country will be ruined, and our younger generations are the ones who has to suffer due to our ignorance and greed.

So people, how bout planning something that can work.

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