Monday, July 11, 2011

Love shout out to PDRM & few things been running in my mind

1st of all kepada yg join BERSIH 2.0, I have one question: d ketua is Ambiga, she's not even a muslim(that's not the issue btw), but you guys are shouting Takbir what's up with that??? O.o

Did you guys notice that Ambiga actually pleed for; IFC demands which is definitely NOT pro-Islam.

So if she already has that mindset? what the hell were you guys thinking supporting her? I ain't saying that other religion need not to be respected, but this country had made ISLAM as the official religion so please respect that- its a democratic country, not a  "I-can-do-whatever-I-want" country, tak lama lagi ada org kawen lombu kang.. *to be continued*

Okay main topic-

People, people.....
Are you serious?

Look they already friggin announce that the rally was illegal, i repeat ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL!!
So why the heck did you join the friggin rally? Even if you were not aware it was a rally, if you're a normal human being and you see police- a hell lot of 'em and some special police truck, you'd be freaking out and get out of there, not JOIN them. So now, why are you blaming the police for YOUR ignorance???

Then you say the police are rough to the media?? heloooooo? the media people weren't really making things any easier?? I mean the policemen were arresting the respective people who obviously were aggressive, and the media people is in their way, asking questions as if the police could handle the shouting aggressive man with one hand and answer the media calmly. If he could, he'd be a commando not a police. =.="
Imagine if you were in their place, or just imagine, you're trying to get the items for an unhappy customer who keeps shouting at you an threatening you and your friends-who are not helping, keep standing in your way while you're doing your job.

Look, Police were only doing their job, controling the situation so that it doesn't get out of hand, so that the rage is below par and emotional acts doesn't burst among the people causing blood shed, tear-gas sheds tear, not blood :P. Can't you guys respect that??? Don't you guys see?

Of course they tend to make some mistakes maybe too violent or 'scary' but c'mon they're police NOT CONSULTANTS. Nobody's perfect, they are police NOT ANGELS/ SAINTS.

So tell me again- Did the police actually act without thinking when they've WARNED in media, they've shown that they are GEARED UP, they're ARRESTING people. What else do you want? Want them to 'advice' you??? "Ke hadapan rakyat yang disayangi, tolonglah balik, kami nak tembak tear gas nie... tolong eeeek?" Are you kidding me??? You gotta realise they are aggresive people who act based on emotions rather than their mind, and they use brawn instead of their brains.

So now to all those haters, I demand you to say sorry to the police people.

seriously people, the PM needs to utilize the ISA. If not this so called ''multi-racial country" will end up hatred. Everybody gotta admit- race and religion are highly sensitive issues. the only thing is, we respect you, you respect us and vice versa. In Tun Mahathir's time, there was never an issue on this sensitive issues, yes a lot end up at ISA but all for the sake of the country's peace.

I have to admit the Hak Istimewa Melayu looks really unfair. and some may say- its about time to update the laws, BUT as i mentioned in my earlier blog-as Tun Mahathir mentioned- its not a question of majority or minority but a question of disparity. Here i humbly say; majority of us Malays are not as strong as the Non-Malays, we rely a lot on government. It's our fault i admit it. Our ancestors earn the Hak Istimewa because they earned it, but Malays now HIDE behind it, which sad really. Malays please raise up, don't make it hard for everyone else, STOP ASKING FOR SYMPATHY and start earning it, stop jeopardizing the country!!! 

I don't mean they are no room for discussion, of course there is, but make it the RIGHT WAY of voicing out, right channel with ethics and democracy. We are a country with highly sensitive issues and people and we have a bad way with our mouth-kerana mulut badan binasa. So people, please THINK and analyse before you start shoveling pie-hole.

Oh i forgot, DUMB government, DO SOMETHING stop being so political and start TAKING CARE of OUR COUNTRY!!!! Stop SUCKING UP and start buckling up- you ain't going to prove anything with empty promises and words. And believe me when you DIE you WILL be questioned bout what you have done with the responsibility and trust given to you!

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