Monday, August 1, 2011

The one & The love of my life

NoteToYou:This is the edited one,  If you've read the entry before- i wrote that half asleep and am quite sure was really out of context. sorry :P

A friend once stated something that i cant remember exactly but i understood it like this;

There're 2 person when it comes to love stories- The one and The love of your life. Most people don't get to end up with The one. The one is the person who is supposedly the person who is destined or shall i say the last piece of puzzle that completed the picture or the other half of what is meant to be. Where else The love of your life is the person whom you decide to choose to just love and live with.
I ask how would you know who'd the one... She answered something like:
You'll just know, you'll feel like incomplete or something, you'll just know that HE was  The one.

So really? I don't know, I don't think so... But maybe there is some truth in it? Like if you've had relationships and now in a new one, sometimes you feel like "what's missing?? Why don't i feel as complete?"

Lemme tell you what i believe, i believe there might be some truth in that statement(as stated above :P).

Why? Well why do we sometimes feel incomplete, like "How come my ex seemed to have everything while dis guy don't, there is always something missing?"-vice versa on gender; Thinking this without realising your partner there is really trying to give the best for you.  If one won't let go of the past and accept the present, yes, the relationship of the past will always be The one.

This is just my opinion, But really, you will always be incomplete if you keep on reminiscing and comparing, instead you should appreciate what your partner has to offer. Also appreciate by the fact that he/she's trying for the relationship. Leave the past as a lesson learnt,leave those people who turned out to be your ex, the one who decided  to give up on you, or whom you gave up with .-Move On is the keyword :)

If you ask me; The one and The love of your(my) life is the exact same person, that one person whom you choose and he/she choose you: to live for the better and worse, share the bitter and the sweetness that life offers, the person is the person that really tries to do the best for the relationship no matter how simple or complicated it may be.

NoteToWhomItMayConcern: Give your life a chance, cause your life really is the one, The One and Only life you have.

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