Sunday, July 17, 2011

riot-ers really can't think straight

C'mooon BERSIH people... is it not enough that you have handicapped our economy- YOU
  •  ruined peoples' business
  • caused traffic jam
  • scare tourist
  • impair public transport
  • risked lives.
and so on.

If you guys did not go on with the illegal rally
  1. Baharuddin Ahmad (BA) would not have been there
  2. Riot and chaos wouldn't have started
  3. police would not have to spray and arrest people
  4. BA wouldn't have to end his life in such situation
So now this GENERATION 709 is making a big fuss, c'moooon are you really concern?? ARE you? or you just want to bang the police hiding behind an old man's death. Stop it please! Let the old man rest in peace!

NoteToYou: Malaysia is a peaceful country so would you guys mind settling things PEACEFULLY and NOT EMOTIONALLY..!!