Wednesday, August 10, 2011

careful with your words

So, last nite i read a wall satement which goes;

->wAjib bAce nEh k0rAng....Maksud Sebenar I’m An Open Relationship FacebookDipetik daripada wikipedia: 
An open relationship is a relationship in which thepeople involved agree that they want to be together, but in whichromantic or sexual relationships with additional people are accepted,permitted or tolerated.
Yang bermaksud:Open Relationship ialah sebuah hubungan di mana merekayang terlibat setuju yang mereka mahu bersama, tapi di mana hubunganromantis dan seksual dengan kehadiran orang lain diterima, dibenarkandan ditoleransi.
Dalam erti kata lain, orang yang meletakkan I’m An Open Relationshipsebagai status mereka tidak kisah melakukan hubungan seksual dengansesiapa pun. Maka adalah amat menyedihkan apabila kita sebagai umatIslam sendiri menggunakan status ini.

Sila sebarkan agar orang bukan Islam yang faham maksud sebalik Open Relationship tidak memandang remeh pada umat Islam.Harap Maklum... 

---mEmbAngUn bErsAmA IslAm--->>>AmAr mA’rUf nAhI mUngkAr<<<:: pErtAhAnkAn IslAm hAncurkan jAHiliyyAh ::

Soooo... okay lemme say firstly, wikipedia is a friggin OPEN encyclopedia; can be edited 'just-like-that', that means you can change the definition anytime anyway you want it whether its true or not, untill the editor catches up, it will stay wrong(if its wrong/irrelevant). Thus making it the most unreliable place to use as evidence, proof or reference for serious things.

However, in this case i don't think this definition is wrong and i have to admit understandable.
Still some nutcase went to translate the OR to AND in Malay definition. The person also, concluded the meaning an open relationship is open sex relationship, seriously, the dude/dudette explained it that way. What is even worse is that,  the person spread it claiming in the name of Islam. So in conclusively this person ask us to spread LIES in the name of ISLAM. SICK! Perhaps the intention was to warn the muslims, but in a very2 wrong because the information is false. and this despises me a lot know why?

this is spreading false information, spreading false information meaning you're lying or you're trying to con a person. tell me thats right or its ok. We may dismiss these little issue, like 'Oh it was just a small mistake its okay', but then these small bits of small mistakes are the trails that haters  pick on, heck i'm not even a hater and i'm already yapping. Because of these small loop holes, you allow others to say 'hey, see- muslims are liars, if not they must be reallhy dumb. You really want to end up like him/her?' So people is the aim achieved here?? Did your 'preach of the truth' actually help the situation??

you might say:
They should take the positive and dismiss the negative, they are only looking for people's fault 
Well dear there isn't any positive thing in lying, however if you must say that the message's purpose was only to warn- a 'post-it'note to remind people about Islam, about the hereafter, well guess what? ISLAM does not teach its followers to lie, heck i don't think there is any religion that 'preaches lie' to its people.

also you might argue:
People should be smart enough to evaluate the information
FUNNY, are you serious? even YOU did not take that action did you? the fact that you spread and shared the post-preaching, shows that you did NOT evaluate it properly. SO what do expect from others? Easier said than done eh?

also you might question:
Isn't Runni overreacting about the whole issue?
Yes, i have to admit, i might be making quite a big fuss over little details and issues in this world which most of the time i (you) don't even care about them. Heck, better of living without knowing it rite?? I wouldn't be so furious if this mistake is done under general term or statements, however, this allegation is done under the name of ISLAM, actually mentioned to share the  'LIE' to all the brothers and sisters of Islam, this is a really sensitive and fragile issue. In sensitive issues, small details counts. This is because sensitive and controversial issues are highly likely to be read fueled with emotions, ignorance and ego; then misunderstood. So one must be really careful  about things or the words or they are going to eat you back. Also, giving out wrong information proves the weakness of Islam, shows how uneducated you are, making yourself look stupid, inevitably making Islam look stupid,

and i have to add
Football is not necessarily bola sepak
In terms of context is another thing. What is considered a relationship there might be different here, what is done as couple there does not implicate to us, their party is never the same like ours. case 1: their term of clothes also means short skirt and tube, so do we have to succumb and agree? Same like the translation upstairs, just because the definition of in an open relationship in America means 'C', it does not fully 100% reflect us and define OUR terms of  'in an open relationship', our definition might be 'B'

NoteToEverybody: So if you get anything, STOP,THINK then only you REACT.

NoteToMe: sleeepy, go to sleep

Don't just jump

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