Sunday, August 28, 2011

necessary of the reality

Aaaa... a view rarely seen, understood and most importantly VOICED OUT Malaysian( also can be applied to rest of the world)

Mr.Najib keep insisting on 1Malaysia, forget bout diversity cos we are one.
Dude, we can't not celebrate our diversity, the difference between each of us are reminders: that by nature nobody is the same, each person has their own reason and way of doing things. We can't let go of our root, its ROOT, a tree cant live without it's roots. So mr.Prime Minister 1Malaysia sounds like a good thing but you   might have to re-instill the values and re-focus things out, cos from what i'm hearing and seeing its like
 "a process of soaking ALL your COLORFUL shirts in clorox so that it matches with your favourite jeans"

diversity is what we wake up to everyday- we don't have to bleach it out, just need to embrace and tolerate.
Stop being so dang extremist, stop blaming and giving excuses. start being HONEST- and all would be easier.

NoteToYou: wow its been quite a while since i post anything. sorry business been really protective of my freedom :P

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