Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy days

Life have been so damn busy for me, not that it packed with things much, but more on the fact that my presence is needed almost all the time. Alone time that i have are mostly sleep times- which leads to lack of sleep :(

Anyway other people might be having and facing bigger issues, my problem might be just a flick of dust compared to the massive amount of problems and  conflicts of others. Thank you Allah for testing this peasant of yours only to what she can cope with.

Updates on relationships:
The past came to see me. and suddenly, its sunshine and beautiful night skies again for me.

The past, came to see me how i was doing. we communicated and found our chemistry. And things started to move on its own since then. He'll be in UK for 2 years though, will i be able to cope? I'm quite sure I will and I can. :)
I wish things would've worked a bit more faster. But, Allah knows best kan?

People always say, you'll never truly appreciate things or people until they are gone.

I've lost him once before, I hope I won't ever again, it is just too  painful to go through it again. I'm quite sure he's serious too- met his mum. Through the meeting, I've learned a lot-
about marriage, religion, life after death, love ,understanding, patience and family. 

with that, I include this 2 songs for my person in UK. :)

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