Friday, October 28, 2011

Chino & Nacho: El poeta


I was born to love you
I'd give you whatever you want
My heart, my whole life
You just ask and I'll please you
I want to remind you
That I'm yours whenever you want me
That I love you in my own way
I hope one day you'll be my wife
My wife
And so, together we'll be able
To live happily, one day
The reason of this subtle song
Is a poem that I wanted to write to you
For you I've become a poet
I'm writing down rhymes in my old notebook
I'm looking at the sky waiting for a falling star
To make a wish
And to bring you up here
For you I've become a poet
I've already wrote down a thousand
Of full, complete pages
I'm writing them down whenever I see you
And that makes me happy
So, so, so happy
Happy, happy, happy
Having you makes me happy
And I can see myself by your side until death

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