Wednesday, November 2, 2011

new chapter: when it hit me

As salam,

Realize how i never greeted you readers with the salam, Oh how many deeds have been wasted. Today started out unsignificantly indifferent than any other days, the day went by as usual. Sin keeps accumulating and the portal to hell keeps widening to greet me- just like any other day.

Then Sunday night came, Skyped with a lovely man, yes my sweetheart. :)

We chat and discussed few crappy things and mostly self-improvements things. He told me, his mum told him; if we(him & i) are serious, we should start being mature, grow up and be better muslims. I was pretty strucked by it. Scared mostly i guess. I am the girl who kinda like havin/takin a li'l bit of this then a li'l bit of that. then from time to time, do bits and bits of experiments, bend the rules a li'l now and then.

i was really in conflict.'i couldn't do it' i said to myself, I mean I am not like that, I even kinda promised  myself I kinda wannabe the liberal type-of person. But then i saw this:

Selangkah anak perempuan keluar dari rumah tanpa menutup aurat, maka selangkah juga ayahnya itu hampir ke neraka.

Selangkah seorang isteri keluar rumah tanpa menutup aurat, maka selangkah juga suaminya itu hampir ke neraka.



Then I thought to myself, If these people can, why can't I? There must be a reason why Allah tells us to do these certain things doesn't He. Few seconds later, it slowly came to me- the why and the what. Then only i realise, there is no use in asking if your heart is not open to listen and open to accept the truth of how you have been wrong all this while, it takes up ego to accept the truth, to save yourself.

and at that point, i realise, I HAVE to change for the good of life on earth and hereafter. Life here on earth (or Mars-in future) is nothing but a passing phase for the life at the hereafter.

sweetheart, lets be good muslims- we really s**k at it now, i KNOW. so let's do better. :)

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