Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI)- Don't Drop It!!

As salam,

Dear Government of Malaysia,

You you finally have a good thing going on in the system and you decide not to go on just because some part of the people in Malaysia are unable to see the benefits of the change??

Then there is PAS, I'm disappointed, as political group, you should desire what is better for the people instead of just hating on the system just to take the advantage of winning the people's heart because a lot of people are against it, and thus using the issue against the government.


Politics are no more like the past where people join to stand for the rights of its country and for a better future of its people. Now its all about the tender, cash & money- which is received through the manipulation of the people.

People argue how this PPSMI system is making life hard for Malaysian and how ineffective it is. The system was only launched in 2003- meaning 8 years. Should be enough time to show its results doesn't it? Also should be enough time for this grumbling people prove what is actually wrong with it. Also if the government were really serious, please tell me who the hell is in charge for it, like the project manager, who is the project manager??? Why am I asking this? Because in everything we do there must be, as my secondary History teacher says 3S- Sebelum, Semasa & Selepas.

So we got the sebelum which means before; before doing something it must planned well, thought out, pros & cons prediction and certain amount of expectation.

Then it is quite safe to say we have already jumped and approaching the Selepas phase which mean the after phase, where results and feed backs are re-analyse and decisions are made whether it is a yes or no. Well for PAS its a no cause they say it is not improving the children to improve their ability to speak the language(I'll debate on this later)

Here ask where the hell is the SEMASA which means during/current which in this case defined as the on-going analysis during the PPSMI program is progressing. Where is it? Where is the analysis that tells error of PPSMI, that reports on what is really wrong with the program, what are the amendments can be done. There isn't any are there, nothing was done during the PPSMI is executed to measure its ability as an effective or a defective educational system. This also means there is no way to say that by fact the usage of English is the main problem with this system.

Now, is it really for a fact the usage of English instead of Bahasa is the main issue and that it is causing more harm than benefit for the whole education system, even in the long run? Short run, yes its hard and confusing especially if one does not put an effort in studying the subjects. But do you realize that most if not all the resources and references are available in English on handful are in Bahasa Malaysia- how long are we going to rely on translator- until we realize that the translator had actually cheated us?

The real problem is, we Malaysian, especially Malays we are so used to memorizing  rather than understanding and exploring a subject, academics are no longer regarded as a learning process but merely a memorizing process which is then measured by a superficial thing called test & examination. Instead of measuring whether a student understand the subject it becomes a measurement of whether the student have memorized the textbook or not- we have no quality in academics.

Is the problem due to the fact that mathematics and science subjects are taught on English or is it because we refuse to sacrifice our laziness to learn the subject. People are arguing on the numbers on the student's papers but who are arguing the quality of these students' education?

I despise for a fact when people say learning English kills/ disrespects the fact that Bahasa Malaysia is our lingua franca- the you are presenting it its as if taking up Geography subject disrespects History subject . Also,whether the government are trying to improve English education among students or not, they are already failing the Bahasa Malaysia papers as we speak. It is just another knowledge not a bleach!

my little thoughts:

Dear PAS,
Yes PPSMI has not really proven itself in helping the students in their lingual ability, Yet learning Science & Mathematics in Bahasa Malaysia ALSO didn't help to improve the students ability to speak Bahasa Malaysia back then did it?. However learning Science & Mathematics has however greatly helped students who are continuing their higher studies in their process of making references and easier understanding of the subjects as it has been familiarized back during secondary school thus lessen the pressure faced during university-which by the way is much much more stressful and critical and COSTLY.

Dear Government,
I know it is hard and stressful when making such a big decision, here is a thought- shouldn't this English education start at their kindergartens first, so that they are familiar with the language and has greater ability of a more complex usage of the language- like relating it to the subjects of science & mathematics. If it is a habit, it is no longer a burden.

Sometimes like children, even adults need to be shown, educated, trained and perhaps forced to do what is best for them. So please do what is BEST FOR MALAYSIA, stop us from being lazy-yes including me.

I hope PPSMI continues, gimme the referendum I wanna sign it NOW. If Dr. M is crazy why is he the one making sense??

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