Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cinta Muka Buku: 26th AJL; Seriously? o.O


And the candidates areee...

1) Kalau Berpacaran (Ana Raffali, Sohaimi Mior Hassan, Altimet) 
2) Karma (Faizal Tahir), 
3) Penakut (Yuna), 
4) Sedetik Lebih (Jaclyn Victor) 
5) Awan Nano (Hafiz) 
6) Cinta Muka Buku (Najwa Latif) 
7) Wanita Seluruh Dunia (Projek Pistol) 
8) Beribu Sesalan (Tiga Suara) 
9) Kekanda Adinda (Atilia & Monoloque) 
10) Sungai Lui (Aizat) 
11) Kisah Hati (Alyah) 
12) Gadis Semasa (Yuna)


Are you serious? Cinta Muka Buku? I've listened to it 3 times, did not study her background, only judged her music- It's 'Music Awards' your not suppose to judge anything else BUT the song itself.

Nothing special, No uniqueness, just a catchy rhythm like any song you'd give to pre-school-ers on memorizing their alphabets. Don't get me wrong, her song does has the 'stuck in myhead' and   I wanna sing-along effect and 'listen-able', HOWEVER to get nominated, to the FINALS? that's over crediting the song.

Like nominating Rebecca Black's-Friday on the American Music Awards- no offends intended Becca.

What is happening to Malaysian arts/creative industry?? We are recognizing people all for the wrong reason. We're no recognizing quality anymore. We're blinded by personal and 'moral agenda'(or what we feel is morally correct). 

If you guys really thought you ought to recognize new talents, you guys can nominate her, but in some junior music awards perhaps?? That way you get to appreciate them and not depreciate quality music.

But if you guys were just aiming for the people's favourite- you're spot on! headshot to the 'QUALITY OF MALAYSIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY'.

It sickens me how real talents of Malaysian are recognized overseas and pushed aside locally just because majority of viewers are under-exposed of the creative industry. If the 'GREAT judges' for Malaysian Music fail to recognize talent and quality, perhaps  Malaysian will always be underexposed and underdogs within the industry internationally.

Malaysians have to stop taking real talents for granted just because those without talents have more 'admirers' and 'favourites', Or these real talents will just end up wasted, and they give up and We'll forever be the underdogs, the frog under the coconut shell.

Most disappointing case: Yasmin Ahmad was never  appreciated locally.
2nd Most Disappointing case: Mawi. :O

Blinded with immaturity ,pure entertainment, partial extreme-traditionalist. (you know, those who claim to be traditional but only on certain  people and cases~i-hate-you) .
Sad really.

ps: SERIOUSLY..???!


  1. Fyi,organizer choose this people based of their market value.this will attract the crowd to watch the show.not solely because of their talent.that's why sometimes even unsuitable song got offense for them,It's just money making ;)

  2. u. sebab dieorang nak bawak new comers from you tube. sebab tu lah kot.