Thursday, February 9, 2012


When people get married, they never thought they'd be the other half of the statistic who end their marriage with divorce instead of the happily ever after.

Maria and Helmi have been married for 11 years and blessed with a son and a daughter. They look like a perfect family- a beautiful wife, a hardworking husband and not yet troubled children. Living at the the heart of Malaysia- KL they were coping quite well despite the country's economic bad turnover. Food was always enough and bills were paid on time; they didn't believe in credit cards though.

Helmi, despite being a harworking businessman never forgot to play his roll as a father- coming back with gifts, peck the children goodnite and tell them lies (bedtime stories) before they shut he shut his eyes. Business was booming, deals were going accordingly and smoothly. He knew when he took Maria's hand in marriage it means the table must always have enough food, and he made sure that happens.

Maria is 10 years younger than Helmi, seeing that Helmi would win more bread than they needed she decided to not continue her tertiary studies. She is a full-time housewife, and a pretty glamourous one too. She was great at making sure the children received all the education, nutrition and play-time they needed.

Everything was great, the world were theirs~ financially stable, when the market is tumbling; not many can claim that. However with all that greatness they failed to feed their soul and their children's too. Helmi was always busy with business and prayed when he gets a free time~ lets just say not enough fr his body & soul. Maria still young and attractive, found herself consumed within the luxurious world of those 'Datin-Datins', She was always comparing and like the others always had to have the best items in the market, fun is her life essence!

The perfect picture began to crack as Helmi began to have trouble balancing his work, Maria's demand and family concerns. Work is as usual, but Maria's habits began to seep in slowly into the family bond and loosening it. She'd leave the kids to a nanny  just so she can get some nid-nite fun and join the crowd. At times she'd invite Helmi. He would refuse if he could but if not, he would make sure he has his tablet  with him. These things start to accumulate and Helmi began to worry on the children's well-being~ parents always away at night and a hangover mother in the morning; its not really an environment you want your children grow up to.

Seeing the foundation that they built together begining to have cracks, like a good businessman, Helmi tackles the problem before it starts to chip-off. Helmi sat down with Maria, discuss on what the concerns are. Maria felt offended. She argued that she had sacrificed her youth for the marriage and how Helmi was never there, always away~ perhaps with some women; it was only fair she gets her fair part of doing whatever she wants.

Helmi calmed her down and convinced her that it wasn't her, it was them. They were missing something~ life can't just be about money and fun. Maria kept silent, realising that Helmi is correct~one of the reason why she married him; always collected and wise. But neither had an answer to what was really their problem. They knew the children shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes. Maria touched Helmi's hand on the kitchen dining table and said they would work it out, they have to and bailing was not an option~ she smiled. At that point Helmi realised why he chose her- always caring, weak at times but when the going gets though for them, she'd be the one reminding him that the tough will get going. Looking at his wife's face, he returned the smiled and wiped the tear on Maria's cheek.

Helmi held his wife's hand and lead her to their bedroom as the clock has already shown 1.20am. As they were about to get to bed; Helmi pulled out the bedside drawer looking for his eyepatch to help calm his head. Suddenly Helmi spoke out and held out a book~ the holy Al-Quran. Though dusted due to being neglected, still beautiful.

"Dear, I think its about time we turn to Him.." Helmi spoke soothingly and look at his wife which he just fell in love again a few minutes ago at the kitchen. Maria raised both her eyebrows in suprise. Paused. Smiled softly and nodded.

"How about we start with a page tonight dear?"

When things go down spiral stop focusing on how deep the spiral is, focus on how you reached the top.

When in trouble, we ask for a lending ear, a shoulder to cry own, an arm to escort us through the pain~ we forget that He has always been there waiting for you to realy believe and just say the word~ Help!

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