Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Judge and be judged

It's funny how we feel that we have the RIGHT to judge people. We barely know them, and yet we feel we have every right to say about his/her life. Selemah-lemah iman is benci dengan hati; strongest by hands/ actions and; medium by word/mouth.

By heart does not mean you have the right to judge that person; like your heart tells that guy you say at the shopping mall- full of tattoo and piercing is and troublemaker. When he's actually a hardworking art student trying to make ends meet with a part-time jobas a tattoo artist to support his family. In my religion its wrong to do tatts and a guy to have piercings (girls also cant have excessive piercings). But who are we to judge that man, instead we assume him as a sinner. Like saying a baby is stupid for stuffing up small toys up their nose. What if a few days before his death, he turned over a new leaf- and thus all sins forgiven. YOU the judger have more sins than him. Judge the sin not the sinner.

By hands or actions. Action speaks louder than words, so you saw a guy and a girl holding hands, you assume they are not married and decide to take actions into your own hand. BUT before you decide to get yourself into action remind yourself that if they looked like messed up and you judged them, what are the chances of people looking at you acting up on a person with baseless accusation nor investigation and judge you for being a lunatic? A non - muslim neighbours of yours sees you with your neard and wife in hijab. He accuses your family as terrorist and makes your life miserable and constantly giving you the cold shoulders aside of the constant slurrs in conversation when at the community's weekly gathering. So how far different are you than them. Instead of checking up the truth or investigating, you've darken your heart accusing others as sinners or useless people.

By mouth- words. The socialite of your high school back then just got married recently and posting up pictures of her baby before the marriage reached 9months. ADULTERY! So the story unfolds with 'A little bird told me Sarah got knocked up before marriage- No wonder the wedding was such a rush" Then she updates her FB; her baby died before the age of 1- Truth be told the baby had to previously been pre-maturely delivered. Who is the sinner now?

When we judge, do not judge the person, judge the action. If God gives for the period of "the rest of a humans life" before judging, who are we to decide a permanent sentence to hell for him or her just by what we see now. And if you did nothing to help the situation for him or her, you have no right to judge him or her; only the right to judge the actions and remind yourself to not repeat his or her mistakes.

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