Friday, March 30, 2012

Maybe its a hidayah.

Last night i couldn't help myself to shut my eye untill 3, then i was woken up by the rainstorm around the same time as azan Subuh berkumandang.
After the prayer, i sat down. And i looked into the rain. I hope Allah s.w.t. gives me more of this gifts. Lately i have been straying away from the path, away from Allah s.w.t. Alhamdulillah, Allah reeled me in again.

Then again, I might have woken up due to hearing the thunder clap and my body jumped. And also when the wind blow my curtain touched me and menggelabahkan diri ini. However, everything happens for a reason. And i want to believe that Allah still loves me and really is sending me a reminder. Tiada dalam hidup ini berlaku sia-sia, semua adalah rancangan dan ketentuan Allah yang penuh bermakna, tersurat dan tersirat; and I don't see it as a problem that i wish to view some of the events in life is hidayah dari Allah untuk hambaNya yang kerdil lagi hina ini.

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