Friday, April 20, 2012

Senangnya sekarang, pedihnya esok.

These are today's paper clipping (20th April 2012)

One of these country & government is having problems as one had to be responsible on the peoples' billions unpaid debt and another gave subsidy to its people. and now look at its situation. I don't think we are any better mahupun lebih stabil dari negara-negara ini, so I foresee Malaysia as to going to face both of these crisis in the future during my generation's working adult era. :(

I hope these people whom are always expecting the kerajaan to tanggung whatever debt they decided to take on, realise that they are only making their grandchildren life in the future as a living hell- every action has its consequences.

Selepas Subuh abah dan ibu ke mamak 
    kami dibungkuskan roti telur bersama dalca; 
Akibat orang sekarang semuanya tamak
    kelak cucu dan cicitnya bakal terseksa.

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