Tuesday, July 31, 2012


With all these illuminati theories of conspiracies.... they probably have won the war. They are all in our head, some of us even know their issues better than our own issues of Fardhu Ain. We are obsessed with what they are gonna do that we forget that we- ourselves are suppose to do, to act in the name of Allah, not just 'NOT SUPPORT' things that might be against Islam. We are the ones who are allowing Islam to fade. Look around, look at ourself. We say 'people' are planning to bring down Islam, WELL, are we lifting it up?

We are always alert for people who are talking bad about Islam that we forget that our words too will be held responsible of the consequences it brings. We call them liars, ignorant and without knowledge. But have we told them the truth? have we guide them? and are we even knowledgeable? When questioned, suddenly we go all defensive and say 'hey i'm not the pro here, don't ask me' Yeah well if that is the case, then stop calling(in your head) others names that suits you(the ones who know the truth) just as much as it is forced on them(who are looking for the truth).

Because we ourselves are just as ignorant as the person we are judging. Things do not get done through hate, it gets done through compassion toward others, and through the love to what is right and true.

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