Monday, August 6, 2012

Massages and other pleasures

Recently, I read massages can help in toning one's muscle. So I did some internet research on massages- where do i find them, what are the types, how much is the damage. Then there is this ad 'body to body massage for female, male and couples'. My guess was either massage you and your partner turn by turn which would have some aura sharing thing wtv crap OR theymassage you and teach you how to massage your partner- very the romantic kaaan.

BUT apparently its actually a massage where masseuse(women) use their body to massage their client  o.O, WHICH will eventually result to extra service-if ya know what i meannn...

Finding this out, memang tak jadila nak pergi mengurut, takut salah masuk tempat. Imagine going in and the people looking at you weirdly coz its suppose to be a 'special' massage place.

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