Saturday, September 1, 2012

simple is when the world is perfect

Life is so simple but  we humans, always have to be different, complicated, metaphor, jerks, diva; say this- but actually mean something else; and then demand the listener to understand you metaphor and body language bullshit. Admit it, you are one yourself.. Even I am one.

However, I heard a phrase before, quote-unquote: " ..that would only work if the world was perfect."  if not mistaken after hearing a chap explaining about  his simple plan on how to prove his innocence, and this phrase means his simple straight foward plan would only work if the accuser did not have friends at high places, people can't be 'bought' with money, everybody were honest and kind hearted; basically living in the world where evil does not exist- and THAT world does not exist, This also means, his plan will fail. This phrase both surprised me and made me realize something-

The world is full of 'small print at the bottom', meaning there are a lot of things that we have to be careful about when we get our self into something. If not, people might get hurt, YOU might get hurt.

Don't get yourself too deep into anything, because in everybody there will always have a fine print in themselves. Like for me it is probably love, when in love I'd probably risk a lot, that is why I never get too deep whenever love is concern.

So my dear, get creative and have fun, as life is never simple. You might get hurt along  the way, suck it up because you are the strongest person you will ever know- only you have to find yourself, he/she is waiting for you to wake up and face this stupid complicated world.

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