Friday, October 26, 2012

gossip, jeans and open kitchen

Today I found out something really really exciting. :)

I found out.... a guy, a really2 cute guy, that i've met at my cousin's wedding, who was the photographer.

Was really into me, he asked for my number from my cousins, and I thought I was only imagining things.... :P

Heee.... Happy.....

Tomorow is gym day, I skipped today and bought an awesome pair of s**t expensive jeans from ESPRIT.

Also ate the most wonderful pasta I have ever tasted. It was cream based; with a dash of some japanese seasoning just enough to make it a fusion dish seafood sauce with soft shell crab, prawn and some kind of bivalve/moluscs. and I thank one of my beautiful bestie for it. :) Thank you my dear Harinder for showing me the awesome 1st floor, open kitchen wonderfull food restaurant. <3

The wonderfull restaurant is F by buffalo kitchens at Bangsar. This is their FB page, They sell alcohol though, so be warned. :)

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