Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Health diary 6

Lately I've been quite active going to the gym, kind of addicted I guess, I'm the type of person, who enjoys things I can see the results, in this case a leaner and toned body.

Another reason is because I've decided to invest myself to join back teakwando in January, what is the use of having a certificate if I can't prove it right. So i need to train up and season my knee thoroughly.

I realised, all the weight training build muscles, which means i get bulkier and thus my movements become slwer, which I don't enjoy, so I'm thinking of shedding some weight by doing longer endurance training with lighter resistance.

Aside of joining taekwando Im also thinking of getting a cert in being a trainer within next year. I've given up with my dream of doing arts. And since the place I'm looking at offers part time (weekend classes) nobody can stop me. Hopefully, next year, I'll achieve something.

new year's resolution for 2013:

  1. Leaner & healthier body
  2. Get trained up for teakwndo, perhaps a 2nd dan. :)
  3. Get a trainer cert
  4. More moneyh!

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