Saturday, December 29, 2012

Health diary 9

Same old routine at the gym. However, I did extra time on the ellipto (instead of  my usual 45m did it for an hour) and used resistance  of 10 and 11 (usually play around 9 and 10) alternately. One thing I love about doing cardio is that just when you think you are tired and can't do it, if you give yourself a push you realize you actually can do a lot more- and after that you'll realize your full potential and impressed of yourself. ;)

My target now is to really push myself with cardio and high repetitive-low resistance weights to get toned up. I've built enough already as I can see the tricep, bicep and shoulders are more solid and bigger, but surrounded with fat- they need to go!!!  ;)

#Sweat is fat crying!!

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