Saturday, December 22, 2012

Healthy diary 4 and coaching

Had a workout+ coaching session at the gym last nite with my bro.

Played the elliptor for 40mins with lighht-medium resistance for cardio. Followed by weight training, I've upped my dumbell weight to 2.3kg for my curls and using 2.5kg for my shoulder+back muscle seasoning. Usual warm up and stretching then I coached my bro for his punches & kicks since he is suppose to season up for his black belt test coming up net year. The set:
  • 2(or 4 if you can) times of alternate jabs/punch (2 x 3 jabs): right-left-right, left-right-left
  • 2 sets of kicks for both legs of different height (2 x 3 kicks of each leg): stomach, chest, head
This set is my favorite all around seasoning for new fighter, like a rookie level training so that they are able to synchronize their breathing with their movements. Rookie level usualy means the exercise; Focuses on breathing control, technics and pushing the stamina level instead of power (for my case: joints & muscles are weak/never trained thus not advisable to push that limit which may lead unnecessary to injury; muscle /muscle tearing).

  • Taekwando practitioners usually have weaker upper body strength(as to compared to their lower body strength) and tendency to keep their shoulder stiff when doing punches & jabs. Had to constantly remind my brother to loosened his shoulder and let his body to 'swing' harmoniously with his punches.
  • If you are new to playing with punching bags, make sure you wear your  hand wraps if you don't want to end up with skin tearing/blistering- remember you want to season your muscle & bones 1st, later on your skin will slowly get more seasoned.

Knuckle wraps protects your knuckle skin from blister due to friction from punching bags also acta as additional support for your wrists.

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