Monday, December 24, 2012

Old Malaya- Shah Alam

There is this newly opened restaurant in my area, so I decided to check it out.

The environment is open windy, with cozy decor.
Plugs also available for lappys and dying phones; Orang depan tu tengah charging iphone die tu , tapi x nmpak plak. ;)

Hor Fun RM8.90

Food: Average joe's taste bud
Environment: Management level Tom's place
Service: No complains

1st of I would like to compliment their service, their staffs actually paid attention to the patrons and greet them. I like this because in Malaysia, the food service industry greatly lack of pleasant services, everybody seems to be grumpy these days.

If you are willing to spend some extra cash for average food and a little environment- like for business meeting or to chill out after a stressfull day- it is Ok I guess especially cause you will actually be served instead of getting paranoid about whether the service guy gonna come or not. But if I were to judge purely money to food wise its kinda not that worth it.

I drank iced honey lemon, for some reason....disappointment!! It tasted like the lemon was juiced few days ago, 1st time in my life tak habiskan lemon drinks (fresh ones, not kordial)

I ordered Hor Fun for dine in, I loved how it tasted like its home made, but the portion and ingredients didn't really explain to me about its price. Then I packed Seafood carbonara for my brothers which is RM14.90. Portion was average. The cream was quite generous. But had they added a pinch more off the cream's stock base and salt, it would've been perfect. If it was selling at RM10 (and be a bit stingy on the portioning and gave less sauce) I probably wouldn't mind and say its money worth it- but its not

Conclusion: Another high end kopitiam, that lacks quality control.

Always nilai things based on quality or quantity if not both!

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