Sunday, January 6, 2013

Health diary 11: Wall climbing at Camp 5

So yesterday (4th January 2013) I went wall climbing with a friend who is certified, he was my host. The most horifying and exciting experience ever! >,<

So 1st up I had to register and all. As a 1st timer I only had to pay RM14. They provide Lockers, shower room. Inside the gym also had a cafe, didn't try the food out but it looks awesome. The interior had a unfinished & raw look which totally goes with the 'camp' concept .

So started at this area which is like a warm up & training area. It had a safety matress all across and it didn't go high thus no harness was necessary if your using this area. Here i learned that going sideways and was so much more harder than going upwards- the hardway. Got stuck at a high point (I could jump, but I couldn't find the guts to do so), my hand was getting tired Ihad a hard time figurin how to go down- It was freaking scary. Never had I ever felt that scared in my life!! Y,Y


Going up was easy, learning to let go of the rocks to go down was hard.. >,<

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