Sunday, February 10, 2013


So guys, my maid takes care of a stray cat (kitten), and I love cats, of course despite obvious signs of the kitten having a skin condition, I still cuddled up to it. So then I got a pimple like thing on my left hand- it was itchy and I scratched. Then I got another one on the other hand. And getting more and more of it untill 5.  I was getting worried, washing it with dettol and all- to no avail.

Coincidentally, I met up with David, and he asked me WTH are those red marks, and I said it was from my cat. And he said he once gotten fungus from a cat, creating ring like blisters on skin and spreads quite badly due to lack of proper treatment and doctor's negligence that his family brought him to. Mine didn't have rings, but I was still concerned and looked it up- says that soemetimes it does not necessarily look like rings(especially at early stages) it may look like red blisters.

I remembered a pharmacist at Guardian told that sulphur are most effective in treating fungi.And lucky me, I had a sulphur soap- cause I thought it was cool it had sulphur. o.O

So I used it, leave it 5 minutes on my skin before washing it off. and after drying, I noticed the ring like edges settling down. YES! I did it. 

ps: I'm still waiting for it to vanish once and for all.


  • Ringworm is a fungi infection on skin
  • HIGHLY infectious through direct skin contact or non direct contact (towels, clothings and etc.)
  • Appears like a small pimple, eventually develops into ring like red blemished skin with normal looking skin at its centre. Sometimes just appears like a normal looking round blemish.
  • Able to treat oneself with over counter fungal cream or sulphur soap at early stage
  • past the 4 weeks of infection, seek professional attention.

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