Thursday, May 16, 2013

few words of the creative industry from me peers

Got a few friends in the design and a another few in the art industry. Yes art and design are not d same thing. According to a friend the most simple and explicit comparison of art & design:

Art is like 'jacking off', self indulgence.
Design is like s*x, it must serve its purpose of mutually benefiting both sides of the story- maker and consumer, appearance and functionality & etc.

One more thing to share, is my friend's 'vision' about the design industry, it goes something like:

When products are evaluated based highly on the product's design/outlook/appearance, while its function efficiency is seconded or may even be disregarded, that is when the civilization is in trouble.

What I love of this remark of hers is that it actually knocked senses into my brain; about people's perception on products are mostly (if not all) based on appearance. And as a person of business and ethics, I' wondered-is that 'trick' is a marketing strategy or a cheat- you create/design it attractively and that makes people forget importance of its functionality- so marketing or a lie (like our lives- lol)?

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